Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Solutions: Wet Socks for a Fever

Yes, you read correctly, wet socks to bring down a fever. When I was a youngin' my Memo (grandma) used to put wet socks on my feet to bring down a fever instead of using medicine. It usually worked for me. Of course now having my own little people I like to use the wet sock trick on them.

The way it works, according to Memo, is that the wet socks actually draw the fever down and dry the socks. I just use luke warm water to wet them and re wet them as needed. Obviously, with kids and fevers you need to use common sense!! If the child is really bad off I may go right for a fever reducer, or I will try the socks for bit and use the meds only if needed.  If it is a low grade fever or if they are not really bothered by the fever, I will just let it run it's course, this is simply the body's way of fighting infections.

We have been sick off and on thru the WHOLE month of July, unbelievable I know!! As I type Little Bits is laid out napping next to me with his blue and white striped wet socks on. We started getting sick again on Sunday.  Last night at approx 3am he started throwing up and had a fever of 104.5, I just went for the Motrin and he felt much better until about 1pm today. Today his fever doesn't seem to be as high so I am using the socks while he sleeps.  (Update the sock did the trick TWICE!)

Just for the record, I am not a doctor. Just sharing a home remedy that has worked for us. Please use your own discretion with your children.

If you have ever used wet socks on your children or have any other home remedies for fever please feel free to share.


Joyce said...

Sorry y'all have been so sick! But, this is great! My oldest won't take anything when she has a fever bc she is afraid to throw up. Now, at least i can try this to giver her some relief!

Lisa said...

A luke-warm washcloth wrapped around the ankles and wrists works too (although probably doesn't stay on as well as socks.) I use that trick when bringing down high fevers. Hope y'all are better soon!

Jenni said...

Wow, I had never heard of the sock trick. So sorry you've been dealing with sickies. We had a similar month in June, and now the little ones are sick again, but without fevers this go-around. Grace to you!

Blog crawling,

Jenni, TOS Crewbie


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