Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Solutions: Mason Jars

My plan was to tell you all about some of ways that I use mason jars around here, with lots and lots of pictures.  BUT, since I live with four young people my camera isn't always in good working order. 

Accidents happen, like last night when SOMEONE dropped my camera on the ground and BROKE it!!!  I am not naming names nor am I upset about this, cause accidents happen (sigh).  I am not even going to bother telling you all how I just can't seem to keep a camera in working order for any length of time (double sigh).  Do they make disposable digital cameras yet??  Any camera suggestions?  I am thinking, how can a person blog with out a camera?

Ok, now that I got that out of my system lets talk about mason jars.  I really do love them, what is there not to love right!!  Here are some of the ways that we use them round these parts, I may not live in the country but at least I can talk like I do.  LOL! 

Soap Dispensers - I recently turned my one and only blue mason jar into an adorable with hand soap dispenser, kinda like this one here... except I have a cute little raggedy piece of fabric tied around mine. 
It is sitting on my kitchen sink and it looks just adorable.

Food Storage - I love to store my oppy-meal (that is oatmeal for anyone that is 5 and under), popcorn kernels, brown rice, and pasta.  I also like to use it for my homemade colloidal silver and kombucha.

Craft Storage - Love to use them to hold, knitting needles, ribbon, beads, buttons, colored pencils and paint brushes.

Drinking Glasses - we have jelly jars, pint and quart sized jar that we drink from.  Actually, I talk a quart of water to bed with me every night, although I never quite finish it.  That might be a good thing otherwise I may not get much sleep. 

Lamp - Yes, I have a mason jar lamp that is filled with buttons.  It sits on my kitchen counter next to the one pile of junk that I allow myself to have.  I have strategically placed the lamp here in hopes that eyes will be drawn to the "cute and adorable lamp" and off of the junk pile.  See, I am one smart cookie! 
The lamp is just a quart sizes jar and a lamp attachment thingy that you can buy at Michaels, AC Moore or if you live out in the country I believe it is Hobby Lobby.  I tied a fat gingham ribbon around the top of the jar because it just needed somethin'.

Canning - Well, kinda.  I have only done this twice and it was appleauce.  I guess taht counts.  we go apple picking at this lovely orchard each fall and we always end up with way more apples then we could ever eat So we made applesauce, in a crockie pot and canned it.  It was yummy, I hope to do it again this year.

Candle Holders - You can stick a candle in the bottom tie some cute ribbon around your jar and call it a day OR you can take a quart sized jar and fill it with something (like right now I have sea shells and water, at Thanksgiving I do water and fresh cranberries or you can just use potpourri) then put a glass votive holder in the jar opening.  Now finish it off with a ribbon, raffita or berry ring around the jar.  These are great sitting on your kitchen counter, in a bathroom or sometimes I will line up three of them as a centerpiece.  Once you have the jars and votive holders you are all set for any occasion.

Really wish I had a camera to show you all a picture of these.  I will have to post a picture once I get a new camera.

Flowers - I would love to tell ya that I fill my mason jars with all the beautiful flowers from the flower garden that I have out back but that just isn't so.  I have concluded that this is just not the season in my life for that to be.  I do however make sure that ours trees are trimmed well enough for me to enjoy all the flowers in my neighbors garden. 
I occasionally put flowers of the store bought variety in mason jars.  Flowers in a mason jar just shout Spring Time!  And you know when your adorable little ones bring you weeds "flowers" from the yard, Mason Jar! 

I have our house decorated our home in a Primitive Country kinda Style (or like Bob Evans as The Hubs says) so anywhere or anyhow I can fit mason jars in here suits me just fine, like I said I love them.

There are a few ideas taht I have found and would like to try with mason jars:

Sewing Kit - A Mason Jar Sewing Kit.  You might wanna check it out, it is made by Martha Stewart so you know it is cute.

Canning - I would love to get into this but I think you need to have a successfully growing garden.  Well, Lord willing there will be next year. 

Gifts - I have never made the Mixes in a Jar, I think I might put some of these together to give out for the holiday.  I also wanna make some Applesauce Cakes in a Jar because they just really sound neat.

Mason jars are so veritile, you can really use them for so many things.  How do you use your mason jars?


NerdMom said...

I do the mixes in a jar gift thing! I also do bath salts.

Briana said...

Thanks for all the great ideas.! I meant to turn one into a soap dispenser when we needed one and I forgot and bought one. I guess I should just go ahead and do it now so I don't forget again.

Joyce said...

New background? i love it!

CUTE ideas!!! I really like the soap dispenser idea! I have a bunch of these a friend gave me when my hubby was doing a garden...he didn't feel like it this year:( Oh, how I miss it!
Anyhoo.....I can see one of those dispensers right next to my sink.
We did the mixes at 4h last year. It is a very cool project they lines all the ingredients up and then the kiddos went around to each bowl and put the right amount f scoops of whatever it was. it was so great I was thinking it would be a great gift the girls could make themselves here this year. They are great to have on hand for last minute gifts, too.
Sorry about your camera!

Six In The Northwest said...

We love quart mason jar for making big individual servings of iced tea with tons of ice. I also use them to store our goat's milk in, so I am always on the lookout for replacements as they somehow don't always make it back home to me. I scored a box of 12 at a roadside sale last week for $2. It made my day!


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