Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't posted my menu plans for a while because well I haven't really really been on the ball with my menus lately.  I have been cooking because everyone still needs to eat.  I just haven't been puttin' love in to it, if you know what I mean. 

On of my besties and I came up with a little plan that I think has inspired me a bit.  We both have the Fix it and Forget it Big Book but haven't really done much with it.  So, we have made a pack to cook at least 1 meal from it a week, really we are shooting for 2 per week but we just wanted to give ourselves a little grace, just in case life happens. We are going to rate each recipe from 1-10 and share any modifications that we made to the recipe.  My sister and possibly a few other friends are supposed to be joining us (note to sister and friends - you all need to get on the ball, love you! )

I also recently got the $5 Dinner Mom  cookbook and I am working on a few more recipes from the Make it Fast Cook it Slow cookbook.  And I got  a new stove, not brand new, just new to me so that also has me in the cooking kinda mood.  Here is what I have cookin this week...

Lunch - PB & J's w/ cantaloupe
Dinner - For Meatless Monday we has Breakfast Night, nothing real fancy.  The Hubs likes fried eggs on toast with cheese so that is what we had, along with some fruit.

Lunch - Grilled Cheese w/ Peaches and Blueberries
Dinner - Cog Au Vin, can't pronounce it but we are still gonna eat it.  It sounds  super yummy! This is from the Make it Fast Cook it Slow CKBK

Lunch - Dogs and Mac & Cheese with Carrots and Apples
Dinner - Pizza Rice w/ Green Beans.  Everything my buddy and I go thru our cookbooks together via the telephone I am always drawn to this recipe for some reason.  It sounds kid friendly and who doesn't love PIZZA!  This is my 1 of 2 from the Fix it and Forget it Big CKBK.

Lunch - Turkey & Cheese Rolls w/ Bananas and Strawberries
Dinner - Salsa Chicken  from Make it Fast Cook it Slow, over Rice w/ corn

Lunch - PB&J's w/ melon
Dinner - Two Cheeses  Macaroni w/ Piggie's in a Blanket w/ Broccoli. This is my 2 of 2 from the Big Book.  The two cheeses are cheddar and cottage cheese, shhhh don't tell my kids,  some of them do NOT like cottage cheese.  Should be very interesting.   I am so thankful that Trader Joe's now sells crescent rolls! Welcome back pigs in a blanket and veggie pizzas!

Lunch - Chicken Nuggets, Applesauce and Peaches
Dinner - Pizza Wrap with Fruit and Carrots.  These are from the $5 Mom CKBK

Lunch - Ham & Cheese Melts w/ Fruit
Dinner - Spaghetti w/ Fresh Bread (Lord willing) and Salad.  A friend gave me an awesome recipe for homemade sauce, it is a W O W!!  It is so easy to make.  It is very hard to buy store bought anymore.  I will post the recipe last this week. 

Do you menu plan??


Joyce said...

Oh, this is great! I don't have any of those cookbook, but would love to try recipes out of them! hopefully I can keep up wih you. I keep trying to get into menu planning.....but it just does not seem to be my thing:(


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