Monday, July 5, 2010

LockRobots Review

We were recently given the opportunity to review LockRobots.  They are these adorable little plastic robot shaped men that you can stack, link and build with.  They are even great to use for math, they can be used for sorting, counting and even making patterns.  LockRobots are easy enough for the little ones yet they can also be challenging for the older kids.  Talk about a versatile toy!

The children have had a ball playing with these little guys!!  Alpha Boy has used them to build with, count with and even to sort into color groups.  There are lots of fun things that you can do with them.   LockRobots are for kids of all ages, and mom's too! I even enjoyed making towers and building with them.

     Alpha Boy pondering what to do next!

 Ta-Dah!  We really like making pyramids with them to see how tall we can stack them with out them falling over. Usually, Little Bits knocks them over before we finish!
The Lil' Chef was having a go at stacking the LockRobots.

I stacked these but...

Then came the wrecking crew.

We definitely recommend LockRobots, the only suggestion that I would make is to get 30 or more pieces.  You can get them in sets of 15, 30, 70 and 150. The price range is from $11.00 - $69.00.   The 15 piece set is fun but we would have been able to be more creative with a larger set.  Each set comes with building and linking ideas to get your imagination rolling and there are lots of great ideas on the LockRobots Website. You can see the all the ideas here, here, here and even here.

It is great that LockRobots come in their own storage containers and they are VERY durable.  I couldn't imagine even one of my kids breaking them, and that is saying alot!!  And they are MADE IN THE USA, which I totally love! 

Here are the Top Ten LockRobot Features (from their website)
1. Lockrobots are non-toxic, contain no lead, latex, or magnets. The use of quality (American made) materials make Lockrobots durable and safe.
2. Lockrobots require no batteries.

3. Lockrobots are a great educational manipulative that are fun for children to use in a homeschool or regular school curriculum.

4. Lockrobots exercise a child's mind through imagination and creativity, while meeting many state standards in early childhood education.

5. Lockrobots provide activities, which allow parents and children to interact and spend quality time with each other.

6. Lockrobots are a useful tool in Occupational therapy settings.

7. Lockrobots will grow with your child for many years of enjoyment.

8. Lockrobots are affordable.

9. Children, as well as adults, think Lockrobots are cool!

10. Lockrobots make a unique gift item for any boy or girl!

LockRobots will be a staple for us in Tot School next year, for sure!  They can be a great learning tool, the website has lots of great ideas on how to use them for Math, Science and even Language Arts!!  I am thrilled that they are larger than the standard math counters, which I am always afraid of Little Bits choking on. 

If you would like to get your own set you can order them right on the LockRobots website.

We received this product free of charge for review purposes.  The opinions stated in this review are our own and we were not paid in any way.


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