Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things I Learned at VBS

I am still mentally and physically recouping from VBS last week, LOL!  The children weren't the only ones learning last week, I learned a few things myself. 

I am so thankful that I am able to be home with my children.  To be able to raise them myself and to be home is really a BLESSING!  Even though VBS was only a half day, I got a pretty good taste of what it would be like to be working away from home each day.  Working moms really have a ton on their plate.   I was not able to keep up with my home as usual and I don't think I felt like making dinner even once last week.  I was sooo- tired!  So, kudos to working mamas!

Another thing I learned is that we mamas need to be TRAINING OUR CHILDREN so that they can go out into the world!   Please don't get me wrong, I was very glad to be able to share the Lord with these little people BUT it was very obvious that several of these children ran the roost at home and were not being trained.  I was not expecting perfection by any means and I know that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but some of these children just did not listen. 

The Lord used all these little ones last week to show me some areas that I need to be more consistantly working on at home with my little ones.  There are some things that I have let slide and the Lord opened my eyes to this.  Thank you Lord!

The VBS program at our church was great, it was called Genesis 1: Space Probe.  All the little VBS'ers became "astronauts" for the week.  The kids had a great time!  We all learned memory verses, heard the gospel, met new friends and learned some really cool new songs.  Not sure how long I am going to be walking around the house singing "Count to 10" and "Noah."  I think my kids are already getting tired of it! 


chubbycheeks said...

Our church had VBS last week also, but I didn't help this year. Stopping by from the crew.

Berry Patch said...

I typically don't do VBS at my own church because they have have it at night. We live 20+ mins away so by the time it ends at around 8:30 that makes for a late night for five days straight. Foolishly I AM going this year plus my boys have swim lessons the same week. I am already tired just thinking about it all.

I volunteer for our church AWANA program so I know what you mean about kids who don't know how to listen. :-)

Stopping by as part of the TOS Crew Blog Walk.

Marie said...

I'm from the TOS crew and I'm blog walking :-) I learned alot this year from VBS and the Lord has used other situations to teach me alot. First of all I have some great public school kids in my church. They're smart and very well behaved, so I know we're blessed in that way. But at the same time, we're the only hsers and alot of comparing goes on (on both ends I'm afraid). But God did show me and reaffirm in my heart a couple of times, that "yes, I could send them to public school and yes, they may do well BUT no, that's not what I'm calling YOU to do." I need to hear that from Him every now and then. My husband never falters (he teaches Bible club in the middle schools so he sees alot!) but I sometimes grow weary. I'm thankful the Lord is patient with me.


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