Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Solutions: Paper Clip Book Markers

As I have said before, I LOVE books!  However, the strange thing is that I am one of those people (assuming there are others out there!) that rarely read one cover to cover.  I guess mainly because I like reference type books, cookbooks, and books about Christian wisdom, homeschooling and raising kids.  I am always in and out of several books at a time. 

After being in the Barnes & Noble lines a few times I decided I really liked those cute little packs of book markers.  You know the kind, they are usually either a magnet of some sort or a clip.  Any who, I really didn't want to spend $10 for 3 tiny clips so I came up with a super simple little idea.

This works especially well for those of you that scrapbook and have otherwise useless little pieces of ribbon laying around, like I did. Of course, cute ribbons make a cute book marks. 

You simply tie a little knot around the end of a paper clip!  And BAM!  You have lots of little cutesy book markers for all of your unfinished books : ) 


6intow said...

Very cute idea. I have often used paperclips for bookmarks (color coded for different kids who find themselves in different places), but I love the ribbon idea.

Thanks for sharing!

momma24 said...

Love this idea! We are always looking for more ideas for our family Craft day!

McMama said...

LOVE that!! Will be making those with my four this summer!!!

Amy in Peru said...

these are SO cute, SO easy and SO practical.

I think I'll make some.

amy in peru


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