Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Solutions: Loaf Pans

Ok, this might be a little cheezy but it worked out great for me, so I will share.  We have a rather large drawer in the kitchen that is a catch all for everything, I must admit, I am the main culprit.  I like my house neat and tidy, my family would probably label me as a neat freak. But I do, however, have certain areas in my life that do not display this character, like my van, the garage and the kitchen junk drawer! 

So, I decided to clean out the junk drawer before it drove the Hubs insane!  As I am sorting and weeding thru it I got a great idea, loaf pans!  You know the 3 to a pack tin loaf pans.  I had some from a cooking project that did happen.  Believe it or not Tin Loaf Pans make great drawer organizers and they are cheap too!
See, aren't they great!


Laura O said...

I LOVE this idea. Anything that uses inexpensive items to help me gain order in the house is fantastic.

Welcome to the TOS Crew, too, from FM Laura!


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