Friday, June 11, 2010

Olivita Oink's Bilingual Barnyard Review

I have never really taken the Foreign Language plunge with the kids, I think it was because I have felt they were kinda young and truthfully, I didn't want to add anything else to our homeschooling plate.  Then one day, I came across Olivita Oink's Bilingual Barnyard, a Spanish Program that looked different then anything I had ever seen before.  The program's creator, Jackie Payne, is a homeschooling mom who wanted to teach her own children Spanish in a way that was enjoyable for them.  The program is designed for children 10 and under and is based around an adorable little Piggy named Olivita Oink.  There are 40 DVD classes, each  one is 10-15 minutes long and has 2 worksheets that accompany them.  By viewing each class at least 2 times, the program would run for one semester.

The Lil Chef, Computer Girl and even Alpha Boy have been hanging out with Olivita for a few months now and they LOVE it!  This is one of those things that the kids bug me to do always ask for.  We have been doing the program twice a week and they are really retaining what they are learning, they still sing the song they learned from the 1st or 2nd class.  The classes were filmed in Colombia and are done is a very creative and enjoyable way!  There is singing, field trips to different places and lots of learning.  The children have learned how to greet each other, colors, family member, body parts, and common household objects in Spanish, among other things! 

You may view samples classes on the Olivita Oink website.  Olivita Oink's Bilingual Barnyard is available as a DVD and Workbook set for $129.99 and additional workbooks may also be purchased.


mike & fri said...

That sounds great. Rosetta Stone seemed like the "go-to" for everyone but this Olivita program seems to be a bit more exciting. Singing? Field trip? Sounds like the kids will love it. I am going to check it out right now.
Keep us posted on how the kids are learning. I wonder what their spanish will be like after one semester.


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