Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keys For Kids

A while back a friend of mine had told me about this bi-monthly devotional for kids called Keys for Kids, it is put together by CBH Miniistries.  After checking it out,  I ordered Keys for Kids but when it arrived it got put on a shelf.  Since we are finished with MFW, I wanted to find something else for us do for Bible over the summer, so one day I decided to try reading it with the kids to see what we thought, well we've been loving it ever since. 

Each day there is a portion of scripture to read and then there is a little story that revolves around the scripture passage, an application and a memory verse.  It also has a few fun games and puzzles.  You can order them, view or listen to them online.  Sometimes I read them and sometimes I will read the Bible portion and then we listen to the story part online.  We really like the narrorator. 

If you are interested you can order 1 subscription of Keys for Kids online for FREE, otherwise they are $.50-$1.00 depending on the quantity you order.  They have really been a blessing for us.  Hope that you all check them out and are blessed too!


Renae said...

Thank you for sharing this resource! I think it's just what I need for the summer.

Brandi said...

Your very welcome! Hope you all love it as much as we are. I went ahead and put it on the right side bar of my blog and it should update daily. : )

Mrs. Mandy said...

We have used K4K for 2 years even before we started HSing and love them. I never thought about posting about them. I always assume I am the last person to find something cool, lol!


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