Thursday, May 20, 2010


When I started the blog the kids and I thought it would be a cute idea to "name" them after nursery rhyme characters but I have decided to "rename" them in a more personal way.

This is Lil' Chef.  She is 9 years old and LOVES to cook and bake anything and everything.  On most days she is the one that blesses us with breakfast.  While I am drinking my coffee in the morning, Lil' Chef is busy making breakfast for her siblings and her self.  Her favorite thing to make is waffles, and it is not unusual for her to create a work of art out of them.  Just this morning they had waffle faces with blueberry eyes and strawberry eyelashes.  

Lil' Chef hard at work, she was making chocolate covered pretzels.

I am going to call my 6 year old Computer Girl, because she loves the computer!  She really enjoys playing learning games, making computer paper dolls and playing with her WebKinz!  She has been know to babysit, make a meal and ski all on this very laptop.  I am sure that she dreams of, one day, having her very own bloggy blog and Facebook account just like her mommy : )

Computer Girl is pretending to eat a worm to gross her little brother out.  Yum-yum!

This young man is Alpha Boy!  We call him Alpha Boy because like most almost 4 year olds he is learning his letters.  He enjoys playing games with the different letters, watching the Leapfrog Letter Factory videos and reading books that focus on a particular letter.  I am sometimes amazed how many letter sounds he already knows just from the watching the Letter Factory and from playing with Mom.

Alpha Boy with his best buddies, Chestnut and Oreo!

Last but not least is Little Bits.  I could have called him the Little Climber, but I am going with Little Bits.  I have been calling him this almost from the beginning because has always been a little guy.  He is finally starting to catch up a little, but he is still my Little Bits! 

I love when me children are independent.  Little Bits was having Art Class all by his little self!



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