Thursday, April 8, 2010

We've Been SINGing THE WORD!

I love music! There is something about music that just makes me smile.  I especially love when we can sing God honoring music to the Lord.   Well, I came across a family that the Lord has truly blessed in the voice department!  Have you ever heard of the Harrow Family?  They Sing the Word and they do it beautifully if I may add!

For the last several weeks we have been very blessed by their music.  They have 6 amazing music CD's and a Quite Time Collection CD (this is our new nap music, it calms everyone down in the afternoon, yes even me!). 

    The Sing The Word Titles Include:
  • All Nations Shall Worship
  • Quite Time Collection
  • God Our Provider
  • Great in Counsel and Mighty in Deed
  • Sing The Word From A TO Z
  • A New Commandment
  • The Heaven's Declare

I have so many new favorites songs that they sing but I think my new favorite favorite is I Am Persuadedfrom the Heaven's Declare CD.  I find myself walking around the house singing it all the time, LOL! 

I really like that their music has such a variety of sounds and instruments.  The All Nations Shall Worship cd even has music from different countries ( a great addition to our MFW -Exploring Countries & Cultures study).  After many of the songs I just think WOW, that was awesome!  think my real life friends are getting tired of me calling to say "Listen to this!!"

 The best part is ALL the songs are ALL SCRIPTURE!! So, not only are you are singing beautiful music, you are learning and retaining scripture while you are doing it!

 If you are interested in having these wonderful CD's for your very own they are running a Special on All 6 Sing The Word CD's or 15% off individual CD's and Songbooks .  They have lots of song samples on their site so feel free to stop by and have a listen for yourself.

So, tell me what did you think?? 


Sing The Word 


Rachel said...

I love the cd "Great in Counsel and Mighty Deed." Our family still sings those songs weekly. Our faves? "Iron Sharpens Iron" and "I am the Light of the World."

Brandi said...

Thanks Rachel! Those are good too!
Stick around, my next giveaway is one of their awesome CD's!


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