Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our New Additions

We finally decided to get 2 dwarf hamsters.  At first we got a robo hamster (bad idea, for us anyway!) and a chinese dwarf hamster. 

The chinese dwarf has been awesome from the moment we got him.  He is easy to handle and has a very mellow manner about him.  We love him and are so glad we got him.  I never thought I'd see the day that I'd love a little rat like creature - espeically given the fact that they probably carry parasites and a host of other nasties but I gotta tell ya I am constatnly going over and taking Chesnut from the kids.  I keep telling them that he is really is mine!

Now, about that other thing we got.  The kids named him Speedy, because he was.  He was hard to catch and have you ever been bit by a hamster??  Doesn't feel real good, and yes I can say this from first hand experience.  So I made an executive decision to exchange him for another chinese dwarf.  Sorry Speedy, hopefully you won't become rat food!  The kids were not thrilled about this at first, but once we got our new hamster Oreo, all was well. 

Both of these hamsters are so cute, well mannered, LOW MAINTANCE and fun to watch.  I do feel bad for little Chesnut though,  my 3 year old son also loves him and I do believe the critter cringes when he sees him on the prowl.  So far he has been on adventures such as, a ride in the bat mobile, a ride in a Little People dump truck and he has been the owner of his very own lego home. 

Thanks again to everyone that gave their imput and voted.

Their cozy little homes. 

Aren't they cute??! Oreo & Chesnut with the kiddos.




Joyce at Joyful Creations said... are making me want one of these...and we do not need another! So, sorry you got bit! Ouch!


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