Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kangeroos, Koalas and Wombats Oh My!

Can you guess where we've been?  We had the opportunity to do another review for TOS.  This time it was Expedition Australia from the Download N Go Series by Amanda Bennett.  We had a great "trip!"  

Can I just tell you how I love SIMPLE!  I love things that enrich our homeschooling world without being so stressful on me. You simply purchase your study from The Old Schoolhouse Store, download and print.  It is REALLY that easy!  I liked how this study had an Objective Page where Days 1 thru 5 are laid out so nicely.  Since I am a BIG list person, this was perfect for me to be able to just check off things as we went along. 

During our 4 day study (we did days 3,4 & 5 over 2 days because we only school M-Th) we had a great time learning about Australia, the Great Barrier Reef (I really wanna go there BTW!) and the awesome animals that live there.  We learned about the Outback, their Language and Aborigines.  Ever heard heard of a didgeridoo?  They are really neat!

We really enjoyed all of the video links with this study, which really brought everything to life for us. We have a love for learning about animals so studying a new animal each day was right up our alley.  Did you know that Koala's aren't really bears??  Australia has all the cool animals!  I love how the marsupial babies are born, then they crawl into their mama's pouch to grow.

Things the kids said they really enjoyed:
  • All the drawing they got to do.
  • Finding time and climate differences for the USA and Australia.
  • The fun lapbooking pages
  • The animal and Great Barrier Reef videos. 

I would really like to do some more of these in the future.  There are so many to choose from but  I really have my eyes on the Winter Wonders, Spring Surprises, Sea Shells, Ben Franklin, George Washington and Dolphin Days.

If you would like to do any of the Download N Go unit studies they are only $7.95 or you can buy several and save.  I highly recommend giving them a try.  I hope that you and your family enjoy them as much as we have. Best of all, there are currently 38 to choose from!


Hen Jen said...

wow, thanks for the review, I've never seen these studies before. I like/need things without too many steps, and having it all in one place helps too. I'm starting to think I've developed ADD as an adult or something..


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