Saturday, March 20, 2010

Instead of Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons, We Made Our Own!!

We just finished playing a super fun card game called Pick and Draw!  We were blessed with this game about a week ago and have been loving it ever since.  Have you guys ever heard of the Tiny books?  They are about this dog named Tiny that is anything but (he is huge)!  Well, anywho the illustrater for the Tiny books, Rich Davis, has created this great game called Pick and Draw. 

This game is very simple and user friendly.  You lay out 5 piles of cards - Faces, Noses, Ears, Eyes and Hair.  Then one by one you flip them over and draw what is on the card.  By doing each step you build a character.  You can make so many different characters by using the different shapes and features that Rich has provided and altering the size of the features you are drawing.  Rich, has truly been blessed with the gift of creativity and a heart for the Lord! 


This is a great tool to get the kid's creative juices flowing.  Even though each of my children were drawing from the same cards, their pictures were very different.  They had great time drawing and naming their characters.  Rich encourages you to really have fun with the characters by giving them names, hoobies and such.  We will be using these in our workboxes to draw characters and write stories about them!

If you would like a Pick and Draw card game of your very own you can find them on here on Rich's Website.  Did I tell you they are ONLY $10 a deck!  What a deal! What a deal! 




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