Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Better Late Than Never... Menu Plan Monday

Even though I felt terrible, I knew I had to pull it together long enough to plan a menu and write a grocery list.  I am trying to fight some kind of flu/stomach bug BUT we really needed groceries.  Thankfully, my husband was willing to go to Trader Joe's for me.  He has no problem running to Safeway or Giant for a few things but Joe's is where I REALLY do my shopping.  I was a little uneasy handing over the big shop to him, he is famous for saying so I sent my oldest daughter (9yrs old) to help.  They did quite well I must say. 
My menu this week was figured out from the comfort of my sofa and in less then 10 minutes.  Simple would be a great way to describe this weeks menu.

Wed - Crockpot
Brocolli and 3 Cheese Soup (Make it fast & Cook it Slow) w/ Ham sandwiches

Thurs - Breakfast Night
French Toast, Bacon and Orange Slices  (They wanted the French Toast again this week, works for me! I am going to double this for the freezer.)

Friday- Take Out/fake Out in Crockpots! Not sure it gets any better than this!
Lemon Chicken and "Fried" Rice (Make it Fast and Cook it Slow)

Saturday -
Tacos (Meat in the Freezer)

Sunday -
Spaghetti, Salad and Fresh Bread - somehow we never got to this last week??

Monday - Crockpot
Apple Sauce Chicken (Make it fast and Cook it Slow) over Rice w/ Carrots



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