Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mystery of History Review

History is one of my favorite subjects, always has been.  I can vividly remember sitting in history class listening to my teacher tell us stories of people and places from long ago.  I always liked to listen to the stories being told verses reading them out of a stuffy old textbook. 

When I became a homeschooler I started of with stuffy old textbooks for history because that is what I knew.  I eventually graduated to living books and only used textbooks when I had too.  I had heard many great things about The Mystery of History  but thought it was just another, say it with me, stuffy old textbook.  Once we received Mystery of History Vol.1: Creation to Resurrection and dug in I realized how wrong I was. 

It is a textbook, I guess, but it has such a different tone to it that I hesitate to call it a textbook.  The Mystery of History author Linda Hobar has way of presenting history in a way that you feel like you are reading a great book or that someone is telling you a story.  We loved this about Mystery of History.  It was not stuffy and boring but fun, interesting and quite refreshing! 

Let me tell you some of the things that we enjoyed about Mystery of History:
  • Like I said, we liked the story form of the book.  The content is interesting and holds our attention. 
  • Love, LOVE the strong biblical base of this book!  Mystery of History is definitely taught from a biblical world view.  Biblical men, women and events such as Adam & Eve, David, Noah, Ruth & Naomi and The Tower of Babel are included.
  • I like to teach as many subject together as I can with my children, even though they are in different grades.  MOH allows me to do just that. The reading is geared toward kids in K-8 grades and each lesson has activities that are appropriate for younger, middle and older students. 
  • Mystery of History is chronological.  They recommend doing a time line as a visual. 
  • We like that it is hands on.  MOH recommend that the kids make memory cards (index cards) for drilling purposes and games.
  • Not that anything else is needed, but I really liked that Linda gives ideas for extra books and videos to dig a little deeper in each lesson. 
  • The Mystery of History Folderbooks are amazing, they make great lapbooks!
Mystery of History is a very well put together curriculum that can stand alone or be used as a wonderful history resource.  Bright Idea Press has all 3 of the Mystery of History volumes available as well as folderbooks, craft packs, notebook pages, cds and coloring pages to compliment your Mystery of History Curriculum. 

Mystery of History Vol. I - Creation to Resurrection, $49.95
Mystery of History Vol. II - Early Church and Middle Ages, $49.95
Mystery of History Vol. III - Student Reader, $59.95

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Mystery of History curriculum please Click Here

Please be advised that we were given Mystery of History Vol. I and MOH Folderbooks Vol. I Quarter 1 at no charge for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed here are mine and I was not influenced by the company or the free product. 
I am an affiliate of Bright Ideas Press, because I love their products.  If purchase thru one of my links I will make a small percentage from your sale.


Amy B. said...

Thanks for sharing Brandi! Would this be a good resource to use in MFW Creation to Greeks in your opinion?

Brandi said...

Hi Amy!
The content is not exact but I prefered MOH much better than Streams of Civilization, which I thought was a bit dry, IMO.
I also liked the how I could go read about David in MOH after we read it in the Bible. HTH!

Brandi said...

Yes, it is a great source to go along with MFW!

Amy B. said...

Brandi! Thanks so much. I have heard that about Streams of Civilizations. I LOVE history and MOH sounds right for us. Keep those reviews coming!


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